My e-mail signature

“What does this strange stuff below your e-mails mean?”


This is a Perl-compatible regular expression that matches all the Bosch department names I have worked in during my work life:

I know that the regex matches also some additional department names. Maybe, some look around expressions could avoid this. But I did not want to make things too complicated. After all, it’s just for fun.

Update for “Say Goodbye CM – Say Hello XC”

For the last three months of my (active) time at Bosch, I got a new department name:

Although the e-mail signature with the regex is not in use anymore, it should handle the new department name, too. Here we go:


Yet another update

Effectively in the home stretch, there is yet another department name update:

Okay, no big deal:


Words of thanks

At this point, I want to address a few words of thanks to all of the creative department name inventors during my Bosch work life. Without you, I wouldn’t have had that fun with my regex e-mail signature! :-)